Local rider: Pete

We continue our local rider feature. Please meet Pete Burrell…

1. Name?

Pete Burrell

2. Age?


3. Day job?

Primary school teacher / cat herder.

4. What was your first mountain bike?

Carrera Kraken. Still in the shed.

5. What bikes do you own currently?

A selection of battered hardtails. The bike I ride with intent is a Saracen Zen with mismatched brakes, bastardised 10-speed and matching nothing. 26” ain’t dead! Also a Vitus 29er for commuting duties and a Pashley BMX.

6. What is your favourite trail around Ramsbottom?

Anything steep, rutty, or muddy stuff in woodland. Anything that keeps me on my toes!

7. What is your favourite album? And/or favourite artist?

Tricky question! Figure 8 by Elliott Smith, or In Rainbows by Radiohead. Queens of the Stone Age and Muse would have to feature somewhere too. Hard question. I’m quite partial to some decent hip hop – Blackalicious, Jurassic 5 etc – once in a while.

8. What was the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Muse at Glastonbury 2010. Or Mumford and Sons at Great Escape 2008 – that evening they were the house band for Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale.

9. What’s your current tipple of choice?

It varies? I enjoyed my Breadcrumbs pale ale after a recent Rammy MTB ride at the Irwell Brewery fairly recently. Costa del Salford is tasty too. I like to try the local tipple if possible.

10. Why do you ride bikes?

You can’t ride bikes without smiling, or while thinking too hard about life. They take me to exciting new places and help me meet new people. Bikes give you a unique perspective on life and I don’t know who or what I’d be without them.

11. What does Northern Grip mean to you?

A chance to share Ramsbottom’s great trails, food and drink with people who happen to share my interest in riding bikes. A win all round!

12. What are you looking forward to most about Northern Grip?

Taking some decent photos that do justice to the place and the event, and meeting some good people at the same time.

13. What else besides bikes are you interested in?

Photography. Skiing. Walking. Sailing and windsurfing. Travelling and seeing the world. Oh, and music!

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