Local rider: Charlotte

Charlotte lives just outside of Ramsbottom – in Edenfield – but is more often found riding on the Peel Tower side of the valley. She’ll be around at Northern Grip helping the event go off with a bang.

1. Name?


2. Age?


3. Day job?

Secondary School Head of Geography. Currently on maternity leave. Latest addition to the family born 8th December 2015, so she is my current day job.

4. What was your first mountain bike?

Raleigh Amazon. My mum and dad bought me this bike when I was about 14. I loved it. I still had it when I met my husband (Benji Gripper) 15 years later and he attempted to bling it a little. Handlebars and stem changed and a few other tweaks were made. My first ‘proper’ ride was at Macc Forest with him in the snow. Been hooked since.

5. What bikes do you own currently?

Kona Process 134. Islabike Beinn 29 and a beaten up Cannondale F6 which is the bike I really learned to ride properly on.

6. What is your favourite trail around Ramsbottom?

This changes a lot for me but at the moment it is the Stilts Run. Loads of flow and little opportunities for air and its a fairly long, speedy descent.

7. What is your favourite album? And/or favourite artist?

Bjork, Debut.

8. What was the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Kraftwerk at Manchester Velodrome. It was out of this world.

9. What’s your current tipple of choice?

Red wine. Cabernet Franc.

10. Why do you ride bikes?

To get away from my kids. No really. I love them to PIECES but bikes keep me sane. And there’s nothing like a couple of kids to make you a little insane! But also because I love the adrenaline rush of going fast downhill and being challenged technically. And also because I love the outdoors and being in the fresh air. Basically, riding bikes brings a multitude of benefits to my life and I cannot imagine life without a bike.

11. What does Northern Grip mean to you?

Celebrating all that is ace about mountain biking in Ramsbottom and surrounding area.

12. What are you looking forward to most about Northern Grip?

Meeting lots of women who also love to ride mountain bikes and drink wine after a good ride.

13. What else besides bikes are you interested in?

Cooking, photography, eating out, hill walking, looking after the kids and maps.


Author: northerngrip

A mountain bike festival on July 23rd & 24th 2016. Northern Grip celebrates the joys of the majestic mountain bike and magnificent Northern trails.

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