Supporter: Budge from Team JMC

Budge is a Ramsbottom resident and Team Principal for Team JMC – the alt-racing cycling team that anyone can join and get support from.


Budge – everyone has called me that for as long as I can remember.


Supervet 51.

Day job?

Team Principal for Team JMC and some other boring stuff.

What was your first mountain bike?

I only started riding again at 39 after years of letting myself go. I bought a Trek 3900 hardtail from Cooksons Cycles.

What bikes do you own currently?

Scott Spark 29er race bike, Lynskey Pro 29er hardtail race bike, Planet X road bike, a couple of CX bikes and some other stuff.

What is your favourite trail around Ramsbottom?

Cragg Quarry. Really challenging to ride it quick. A real lung-buster.

What is your favourite album?

Choosing one is really challenging but London Calling by the Clash would be right up there.

What was the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Loads over the years. Punk stuff in the early days – a Buzzcocks gig stands out.

What’s your current tipple of choice?

Really strong coffee.

Why do you ride bikes?

To get the adrenaline flowing. Love the buzz you get riding bikes quick, particularly when racing them.

What does Northern Grip mean to you?

A great opportunity to celebrate my love of mountain biking, Ramsbottom and its trails and to meet fellow enthusiasts.

What are you looking forward to most about Northern Grip?

Not having far to travel! Seriously. Buddies, beer and bikes. And cake (but that ruins the alliteration).

What else besides bikes are you interested in?

Fell running. Been off the bike for a while injured so fell running has taken over for now. If you can’t ride the trails, run them!


Author: northerngrip

A mountain bike festival on July 23rd & 24th 2016. Northern Grip celebrates the joys of the majestic mountain bike and magnificent Northern trails.

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